Creation : Photoshop Manipulations

I’m still working on my Photoshop knowledge and ability to successfully use the tool. In order to dig deeper into Photoshop & discover all it has to offer, I have begun to explore more of the various filter and text edit capabilities. 
So far I’ve mainly just done some playing around with a few color filters and smooth effects on pictures of my favorite actors and various people. 
I’ve really been enjoying myself and hope to keep growing and learning!
Here are a few:

The Sea of Monsters Cast, applied filter, applied text & grunge brush

Evanna Lynch, light effect & smudge brush

Evanna Lynch, crop adjust, applied text & background alter
Alexandra Daddario, applied filter & crop adjust

Brandon T. Jackson, applied filter                 Logan Lerman, applied filter 
Douglas Smith, crop adjust & applied filter 

Emma Watson, color adjust & applied text

Tessa Violet (aka MeekaKitty), brightness & contrast

Princess Merida, crop adjust, applied filter, enhanced brightness

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