Video : A Civil Rights Homage

New Project Update:

The Rules
1) Create something that discusses or reflects on any part of the African American Civil Rights Movement
2) Must have a written component or “Artist Statement” associated with it.
3) Must have a media component associated with it.

My group and I decided to create a poster sized digital painting. I was in charge of designing and completing the painting. In order to meet the media component, we recorded the creation process of making the painting and turned that footage into a time lapse video.

I, too, am America – Time Lapse Speed Painting

To meet the written component, my group & I wrote an artist statement to accompany the painted piece. This is what we wrote.

This painting piece is entitled “I, Too, Am America” and was inspired by the poem written by Langston Hughes. Due to segregation, discrimination, and hatred, America in the late 1900s faced one of it’s darkest times in society. Notice the style of the American flag – we decided to use sketch brushes and techniques to add a rough look to the painting. This symbolizes the rugged and broken times that transpired within this part of history. Now notice the young black man – he is holding his right hand to his chest. This is meant to show the man being respectful to both his flag and his country. And finally, notice how we made it look as if the young man was behind “bars” and a “locked door”. African Americans were citizens of the United States, but they were often times not treated as such. We have portrayed in our painting the juxtaposition of patriotism shown by African Americans with the mistreatment and inequality they suffered.
This project was a good one.


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