Creation : Senior Overalls

In my hometown, we have this crazy tradition known as, “Senior Overalls”. Simply put, during your senior year of high school you make crazy decorated overalls. Why you do this I’m not exactly sure, but if given a chance to spend hours painting, sewing, and burning fingers with hot glue, there’s no way you can’t not do it, right?
So here is the process and final product of my official 2014-2015 Senior Overalls. Enjoy.
✽ ✽ ✽
about $15
Acrylic Paint
Acrylic Textile Medium (to make the paint washer safe)
Superhero fabric
Minnie Mouse fabric
Sewing machine
Ribbon and Lace
Various Buttons
The blank canvas.


Getting rid of the Tommy Hilfiger straps.


The fabric.


Starting the Minnie Mouse name pocket.


The Minnie Mouse bow and pearl outline.


My best friend and also evil enemy.


Finished name pocket with added flair.


Starting the painting process.


Getting there!


The paint collection.


Adding the UP house.


The paint collection growing. (There was a LOT of paint usage… thanks Mom for letting me steal your paint!)


The favorite books ☺
Peter Pan, The Great Gatsby, and Harry Potter. 


Adding big and little details.
Sun flowers, bike, DFTBA logo, mismatched buttons and more!


Starting the back.
Polka dots, kitty cat, and map of the world.


The finished front!


Adding the fabric lettering on the back legs.
NTH@C and Senior 2015


I had so much fun making these. Although they took a lonngggg time (around 40+ hours) I’m glad I took the time to really make my senior overalls MINE. I think they totally represent who I am right now as a senior in high school and they will serve as a pretty cool memento.
Here’s to a great senior year. ♣


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