Virtual Paper

Hullo! Life is good, life is crazy, life is life. This summer, I am interning and taking classes and squeezing in time for some fun personal projects (more to come on this later!).

Seeing as I’ve been quite the busy bee, it can be difficult to get time to set up my paints, watercolors, pencils, etc. for a full on creation station. So, instead, I’ve found comfort in using some “virtual paper”, meaning I whip out my iPad and Pencil by FiftyThree and get to creating. Often, I end up with some goofy photo/graphic mashups or just sloppy little doodles of the things I see around me. But regardless, it’s been lots of fun and quite convenient to play around with various apps and digital techniques.

For those interested, I’ve included links to the tools and applications I have been loving as of late. Cheers!

Pencil Stylus – great for graphics as well as note taking.

My Favorite Applications – Paper is my #1 pick!

iPad Air 2 – perfect size to tuck away in a side bag or purse.

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